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Welcome to the Wyoming Wing Webpage. We hope you will find it both informative and educational, in that it was prepared for our members, and others, interested in finding out more about the Wyoming Wing of Civil Air Patrol (CAP). The Wyoming Wing, like other units in CAP, has a proud 81-year history and heritage filled with individual growth and lifesaving experiences. We hope you consider joining us as we continue to journey into another century of anticipation of change, pursuit of excellence in everything we do, and service to others.

Our organization's mission statement; "volunteers serving America's communities, saving lives, and shaping futures;" provides both a foundation and framework to our U.S. Congress chartered programs of Aerospace Education, Emergency Services, and Cadet programs. We hope you consider being part of this great heritage. 

Interested in Joining - Go to Join CAP | Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters (gocivilairpatrol.com). To find a units go to the following link. If you have any questions by, contact our Chief of Staff at cs@wywg.cap.gov .

Special Interest Areas - We are always looking for a wide and diversified population supporting our emphasis in openess, transparency, and inclusion. However, we would like to put an increased recruiting emphasis into pilots, lawyers, ministers (from all faiths), and health services professionals; active, separated, and retired military members; K-12 educators, accountants, those with backgrounds in fund raizing and emergency management/public safety; and professionals with experience in logistics, radio communications, and Information Technology. 

Parents - Please don't hesitate reaching out to myself, my Chief of Staff, or our Director of Cadet programs to address any questions or comments about our Cadet Programs. Your childrens' safety and welfare are very important to us as well as assisting them in Character Development, Leadership, and Service to Others. Again, if you have any questions, go to our Staff Roster, at Wing Staff | Civil Air Patrol (cap.gov)

Again, both myself and our staff are here to serve you. So please do not hesitate contacting us.  


Col Ken Johnston                                                                                                                                                    

Wyoming Wing Commander

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