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Wing Staff

Duty Position Name Rank Email
Command Section
Commander Ken Johnston Col cc@wywg.cap.gov
Vice Commander Harold Reed Lt Col  Harold.Reed@icloud.com
Chief of Staff Robert “Dr Bob” Ditch Lt Col cs@wywg.cap.gov 
Wing Administrator Kristen Catlett N/A wa@wywg.cap.gov
Government Relations Advisor Harold Reed Lt Col Harold.Reed@icloud.com
Health Services Officer James R Little Maj jimlittle@gmail.com
Assistant Health Services Officer Harlan R Ribnik Lt Col pd@wywg.cap.gov
Historian Charles (CJ) Young 2nd Lt ho@wywg.cap.gov
Aerospace Education
Director of Aerospace Education Steven L Ellis Lt Col ae@wywg.cap.gov
External Aerospace Officer Steven L. Ellis Lt Col ae@wywg.cap.gov
Internal Aerospace Education Officer Robert C Montgomery 1st Lt  wyocaver@gmail.com
Cadet Programs
Director of Cadet Programs Beverly K Carlson Lt Col cp@wywg.cap.gov
Drug Demand Reduction Administrator Assunta S McDonald Lt Col amcdonald@cap.gov
Chaplain Mckinley D Wood Maj hc@wywg.cap.gov
Director of Communications David A Shepard 1st Lt dc@wywg.cap.gov
Assistant DCS George Twitchell Maj gtwitch@uwyo.edu
Emergency Services
Director of Emergency Services Michael Carlson Lt Col es@wywg.cap.gov
Disaster Relief Officer Bruce Hertelendy Maj dosd@wywg.cap.gov
Financial Management
Director of Finance Gregory W Schreurs Maj fm@wywg.cap.gov
Information Technology
Director of IT Tim Anderson Maj it@wywg.cap.gov
Webmaster Tim Anderson Maj webmaster@wywg.cap.gov
Inspector General
Inspector General William (Bill) Collister Lt Col ig@wywg.cap.gov
Assistant Inspector General James M Moore CMSgt jmoore@cap.gov
Judge Advocate
Legal Officer Gregory Deemer Maj ja@wywg.cap.gov
Director of Logistics Kim Butts 2d Lt lg@wywg.cap.gov
Supply Officer Kim Butts 2d Lt lg@wywg.cap.gov
Transportation Officer David Castro 2d Lt lgt@wywg.cap.gov

Marketing, Communications & Recruitment/Retention

Public Affairs Officer LuWana DePorter 1st Lt pa@wywg.cap.gov
Director of Recruiting & Retention Robert “Dr Bob” Ditch Lt Col cs@wywg.cap.gov 
Director of Operations Harold Reed Lt Col do@wywg.cap.gov
Standardization/Evaluation Officer Allen C LaPointe Capt dov@wywg.cap.gov
Aircraft Maintenance Officer James Ormsby Maj lgm@wywg.cap.gov
Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) Stevan Scott 1Lt sscott@wyoming.com
Administration & Personnel
Director of Administration Cathy Ormsby 1st Lt da@wywg.cap.gov
Personnel Officer Aaron Seng Lt Col dp@wywg.cap.gov
Professional Development
Director of Education & Training Harlan R Ribnik Maj pd@wywg.cap.gov
Director of Safety James Ormsby Maj se@wywg.cap.gov
Assistant Director of Safety Harlan R Ribnik Lt Col hribnik@cap.gov

Updated: 15 December 2023


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