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Commander Statistics (COMSTAT)




SUBJECT:  Each month the Wing Commander of Civil Air Patrol’s (CAP) Wyoming Wing will host a Command Statistics (ComStat) Meeting to both take a snapshot of, and conduct an analysis within, the Wing’s missions’ profile and organizational health. This meeting is facilitated by the Wing Chief of Staff and is attended by all Commanders, Wing Staff members, and key mission personnel in Emergency Services, Aerospace Education and Cadet Programs.

BACKGROUND & DISCUSSION:  The ComStat is a facilitated brief and analysis of the unit operational statistics of three squadrons each month; including analytics in Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs, Chaplain, Financial Management, Inspector General, Logistics, Membership, Operations, Professional Development, and Safety. Each of these areas is portrayed by areas in the Commander’s Dashboard located in CAP eServices. In addition, an open discussion on status seen from previous Subordinate Unit Inspections (SUI) and Membership Statistics is also conducted. The framework of the sessions includes,

- A review of three squadrons (one at a time) and their progress in the above areas of interest.

- Discussions facilitated by the Wing Chief of Staff and others in attendance.

- Attendance by the Wing Commander and Deputies, Chief of Staff, key Wing Staff members and all Squadron Commanders. Squadron Commanders may invite their staffs to attend.

This is not a Wing Commander’s Call/Staff meeting and nothing will be discussed outside of the Dashboard. Discussions on solutions/lengthy issues will be left to another meeting. Additionally,

- This meeting is to be only a fact-finding only opportunity, personified by the Squadron Commanders views and personal analysis. It elevates, attention to issues, trends, initiatives, and opportunities for making the Wing and units stronger. It places the Commander and Squadron under magnification to assist it in promoting itself and the mission of both the Wing and CAP.

In addition, it gives the Wing Staff a vector for where its attention needs to be focused.

- Each squadron is given an opportunity to be analyzed each quarter, and open items from previous sessions will be tracked for corrective action or sharing of best practices with others.

- Metaphorically the ComStat is a monthly “physical exam” or snapshot into the health of the Wing through optics into each squadron.  It provides the Wing Commander and his/her staff the opportunity to help the squadrons.  The Wing cannot help itself unless it has a full understanding and appreciation of its issues and the ComStat offers that opportunity.

- No single squadron’s ComStat item can be viewed alone but need to be balanced by past unit profiles and those of other units. Trends are important as well as platforms for mutual assistance.

CONCLUSION: The ComStat is a Wing Commander’s snapshot tool used to ensure that he and the staff have a full appreciation of the mission profile and health of each squadron. It allows unit commanders the opportunity to personify their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges (SWOC) to the Wing Commander/Staff. This is the Wing’s monthly SWOC analysis.


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