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Command Staff

Wing Commander - Col H. Kenneth Johnston: cc@wywg.cap.gov

Wing Commander Bio

Wing commanders are the senior most officer within their wing, responsible to the Corporation and to the region commander for ensuring that Corporation objectives, policies, and operational directives are effectively executed within their wing. They are also charged with meeting state and federal Emergency Services needs in a responsive, safe, and cost effective manner. 

Vice Wing Commanders

Vice Wing commanders assist the Wing Commander in the management and leadership of the Wing and most specifically are called upon to manage specific initiatives and projects (Operations and Support). They are often also asked to provide direct liaison to outside agencies (National Guard, State Legislature, and CAP-USAF Regional Liaisons). 

- Lt Col Harold Reed: Harold.Reed@icloud.com

Vice Wing Commander Bio

- Lt Col Rodney Burnett: cv1@wywg.cap.gov

Vice Wing Commander Bio


Chief of Staff - Lt Col "Dr. Bob" Ditch: cs@wywg.cap.gov   

The Chief of Staff for the Wyoming Wing serves as the senior staff advisor to the Wing Commander and also staff supervisor for all staff directorates, with the exception of Inspector General and Safety. He/she is also responsible for hosting and facilitating monthly Commander Statistics (COMSTAT) meetings with Squadron Commanders and Wing Staff members. He/she is also responsible for facilitating all Wing Staff meetings each month; as well as Wing Awards, and Promotion Committees. For more information on the COMSTAT program, go to its site under Staff Areas. 

Chief of Staff Bio

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